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Minimum Order
$100(USD) per order.

Re-branding StencilPro Orange.

The following is acceptable under our re-branding policy:
  1. Use your own brand names and/or trademarks in your packaging.
  2. Provide your own custom form factors for packaging such as:
    1. Number of sheets per pack.
    2. Size of sheets, e.g., 4.25"x5.5" sheets.
    3. Include sheets in your kits.
    4. etc.
  3. If you use any of our brand names/trademarks in print material or digital sites such as web sites or social media, you must include our trademark line:

    StencilPro Orange, StencilPro, PhotoEZ are trademarks of CraftyPrinters, a Circuit Bridge Company.
NOTE: StencilPro Orange is a light sensitive product, therefore, we will not be responsible for any consequences resulting in the repackaging of our products. Please refer to our recommendations for light protecting packaging. Wholesale Resources (Must log into an active wholesale account to view)

CraftyPrinters does not wholesale accessories. However, we do have a growing number of instructional videos and project guides for constructing your own DIY accessories. You are welcome to these ideas/concepts for any purpose you see fit, including creating versions for sale.

USPS Priority Mail for USA customers.
International? TBD.

Returns must be within 30 days of shipping. Returned products mush be in its original sealed packaging and in salable condition.

CraftyPrinters (Circuit Bridge) must first be contacted before returning any products, and approved with a RMA number.

Customers must first contact CraftyPrinters (Circuit Bridge) before returning any products. Upon approval, CraftyPrinters will provide an RMA number and instructions. Customer is responsible for cost of return shipping and handling.

Use of Resources
You are free to use resources we provide on our website, YouTube channel or our other social media sites, in any way you see fit, provided you abide by our copywrite policy or otherwise stated.

You may use any of our marketing/informational/instructional documentation and multimedia (photos, videos, etc.) as you see fit unless specifically stated otherwise. Watermarks/trademarks in photos, videos or PDF files must not be deleted or altered.

The one exception is our youtube videos. Capturing our youtube videos by any means for reposting is not permitted and will result in copyright strikes. Fair use as described by youtube policy is permitted. CraftyPrinters and/or youtube reserves the right to request any video be remove if we feel it violates our copyright.

CraftyPrinters (Circuit Bridge) trademarks:

StencilPro Orange
ReadyMade Stencils

Include the following line when using any of our trademarks in your printed, digital or online sources:

StencilPro Orange, StencilPro, PhotoEZ are trademarks of CraftyPrinters, a Circuit Bridge Company.