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StencilPro Orange™
Lower cost with improved properties - NO compromises
New sizes from 3" x 4" to 11" x 17"
110 tpi (Threads Per Inch)
Average thickness - .135 mm/.0053 inches
Anti-halation (spreading of light) for improved definition and resolution
Finer line detail
Faster drying time
Less affected by humidity
Reduced tackiness - sheets less likely to stick together
Compatible with water and solvent based inks/paints*
2 year shelf life without any special storage at room temperature in original packaging

Print Resolution**
Minimum Dot/Line size:309 microns/.012 inches/83 dpi/.88 point
Typical:24 (22 to 27 dpi)

Threads Per Inch(tpi)110
WeavePW (Plain Weave)
Mesh Opening µm/inch149/.006
Thread Diameter Nominal µm/inch80/.003
Open Area %40.9
Mesh Thickness µm/inch135/.005
Theoretical Ink Volume cm3 /m255.2
Weight of Mesh g/m264

Light Reactivity:
Reactive from 310nm to 470nm
Peak reaction from ~360-380nm

44-46% solids content for:
Quicker drying
More durable stencil
Better mesh bridging reducing staircasing and producing sharper printed edges
More durable stencil for water and solvent based inks/paints
Improved wet strength

Reduced halation properties for:**
Finer details
Thorough exposure even under weak lights

*We recommend testing a small piece of StencilPro Orange with your medium to verify compatibility.
**Maximum detail can only be achieved using high quality original, proper exposure time (finer lines may require reduced exposure times) and washout using a sprayer (garden hose).

StencilPro Orange™ contains NO PHTHATATE or Di-Butyl Plithalaie (DBP).

Made in the USA - 100% manufactured in the USA from materials sourced in the USA and Switzerland.