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PhotoEZ Basic Starter Kit

PhotoEZ Basic Starter Kit

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Part Number:KIT-PEZ-01-1
  • Features:Now with 3 sheets of PhotoEZ Standard
PhotoEZ Basic Starter Kit comes with everything you need to create stencils up to 8.5" x 11". PhotoEZ Standard is perfect for most stenciling needs. Its larger mesh openings (110 threads per inch) lend itself to paints containing large pigments while at the same time providing good detail. Sheets can be cut down to smaller sizes to fit your needs.


  • PhotoEZ™ Standard 3 Sheets (includes small test pieces)
  • Exposure Frame with Plastic Clips
  • Washout Screen
  • Inkjet Transparency 2 Sheets (waterproof)
  • Soft Bristle Brush (design may vary from pictured)
  • Poly Squeegee 6"
  • Plastic Spatula 6"
  • Spade Spatula 6"
Online instructions: PhotoEZ Basic Starter Kit

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